Photo credit: Resi di Berlino

Photo credit: Resi di Berlino

Sustainability advocate, entrepreneur and fashion photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal

Hi there! I am a fashion, lifestyle and travel photographer. With over ten years experience, I use photos to bring stories to life. 

I have collaborated with international teams for publications such as Elle, Idol, and Fucking Young as well as brands such as Diesel and Guess. Previously based in Milan and Barcelona, I travelled extensively for fashion shoots in Paris, London, and Berlin. 

Currently, I am living in sunny Lisbon where I blend photography, creative direction, digital marketing and brand management, which is where my core expertise lies. 

For the past couple of years I have focussed on working with ethical fashion, beauty and home brands. Committed to exploring more sustainable ways of living, I am seeking to engage with projects that share the same values. 

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